Safe, efficient, ISO.

Every Sisma product complies with the quality, safety and conformity parameters established by standard ISO 9001, for over 20 years a cornerstone of brand credibility, process efficiency and information transparency.

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Cotton from 100% Organic Farming. We mean it.

We only choose cotton from 100% Organic Farming according to the “Global Organic Textile” standard of the Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale – ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) Certificate. We keep an eye out on the origin and natural ingredients that enrich the raw materials. We work exclusively with suppliers that know how to give us this, always.

The cotton is tested in our laboratories for conformity, traceability and sustainability. External specialised centres confirm skin tolerance and absence of heavy metals in the conformation. It only bears the Sisma brand if everything is given the all clear.

Quality policy. Sisma for the future.

Leading the market with insightful choices, promoting professional exchange, improving the health of the environment and the customer’s life, extending the commitment beyond Europe in order to generate wealth on a large scale. Our Quality Policy is on this road map, shared with all the stakeholders. The goal is to innovate products, relationships and values so as to warrant a leading position in the world.